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ABC Discount Rentals L.L.C. is a fully insured rental company

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?  
Because we deliver all of our products, we have no need for a store location. All items are stor ed and delivered from our private warehouse.

Do you allow customer pickups?
NO! For you and your guest safety all of our  products are delivered, set-up and removed by our trained professional staff.

Do you accept credit cards?
YES, We accept Visa and Mastercard. Sorry, we do not take Discover or American Express.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, we require a $50 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT ON ALL ITEMS. On large events a 10% NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED OF THE TOTAL COST. If you should have to cancel we will allow you to reschedule your event to be held within 6 months of the original scheduled date and your deposit will still count toward the total cost.

Does the deposit count toward the rental?
Yes, the deposit is deducted from the total cost of the order.

What is your cancellation policy?
We reserve the right to cancel any event if we deem weather conditions (rain, high winds, temperature, ground conditions) unsafe or that could damage our products. Any deposits received will be returned in full to the customer or we will hold the deposit and the customer may reschedule their event.
If there is a good chance of rain (70% or more) we will call the customer before delivering and offer a chance to cancel with a full deposit refund. Once any item has been delivered there will be no refunds if weather conditions should change.

Do you charge for delivery?
Yes, our delivery charges are very minimal and includes the delivery, set up and removal of all inflatables.  
(tables and chairs are delivered to your desired location but are not set up and should be in same location at time of pickup)
Delivery charges are quoted individually and vary depending on location. Extra charges will be applied if we are not made aware of stairs, ramps, small doors/gates, elevators etc. prior to placing the order.

What are the electrical requirements?
A 110volt circuit must be made available within 100' of the unit. We provide our own 12 gauge extension cords for your convenience.

What are my responsibilities?
You must have ADULT(S) (NOT TEENAGERS) assigned to supervise the children while the inflatable is in use. This ADULT must know all the safety rules and make sure all are enforced. You are responsible for the safety of the children and equipment. You will be given a full safety briefing at delivery along with printed copies of the safety instructions. Basic safety rules will also be on the inflatable and on the invoice

Are there any special requirements for my yard?
Please mow your lawn at least 2 days before your event. This helps cut down on the grass clippings in your home and the inflatable.
If you have pets, please have all "droppings" picked up before we arrive. WE WILL NOT SET UP ANY INFLATABLE ON UNSANITARY CONDITIONS.
Make sure the site you would like the item located is relatively flat, no overhead power lines, cable tv lines, or low hanging tree branches. We will advise of any other obstacles upon arrival.

How do you anchor the inflatable?
We anchor the inflatable with spikes ranging for 20" to 48" depending on what unit it is. We will take every precaution to avoid all underground systems, however, just as you cannot see underground, neither can we. Because of this WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR HITTING ANY UNDERGROUND SYSTEMS. IF YOU ARE AWARE OF ANY, PLEASE INFORM US BEFORE SETUP AND WE WILL TAKE EVERY PRECAUTION POSSIBLE TO KEEP THIS FROM OCCURING.

When do you deliver?
We will call and setup a delivery time with you a day or two before your event. Most of our deliveries are on Friday or Saturday. We can usually tell you within one hour of our arrival time. An adult must be present at delivery and payment of your balance is due on or before our arrival. If no one is home at scheduled delivery time, another delivery fee will be charged to return.

When do you pickup?
Most rentals are weekend rentals so we pickup on Monday. Because payment in full has been made it is not necessary for anyone to be home at time of pickup. Access to the inflatable must be made available. We love dogs and do not mind working around them. We respect your pets and open and close all gates with them in mind. We must exit through the gate and cannot be responsible if FIDO should dash out during that brief moment.

Can we spray the inflatable with water if it is hot?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! With the introduction of water slides and slip n slides the general public seems to think that every inflatable can be a water inflatable. Unless you have rented a specific water item you should never spray water on any of our items. Not only will you damage the unit, you will be causing unsafe playing conditions and a damage charge will be applied. This includes leaving your sprinkler system on and soaking the unit.

Basic Safety Rules!
Each unit has different safety rules which will be discussed with you at delivery and a safety instruction sheet pertaining to that item given to you. Below are the "basic safety rules" that should be followed with any items rented from ABC-Discount Rentals, L.L.C.

1. Adult supervision at all times. # of adults vary depending on what unit it is.
2. No shoes, food, drink, toys, sharp objects etc. of any kind on inflatable.
3. No flipping, piling on, climbing on netting, or other rough play is allowed.
4. Keep same age/size children together. Never put a small child in with large children or teenagers.
5. Follow max. amount of participants allowed printed on inflatable, safety sheet, invoice or given verbally.
6. Never tape, staple, or attach any signs to our equipment.
7. Silly string should never be around any inflatable or motor. It will damage the vinyl and/or clog the blower.
8. Turn off sprinkler systems until unit is picked up. NEVER SPRAY UNIT WITH WATER OR ANY OTHER SUBSTANCE. MOONWALKS ARE NOT WATER SLIDES.
9. A walk around inspection of the inflatable, motor, spikes, ties etc. should be made every 1/2 hour by the adult attendant to make sure all equipment is operating properly.
10. Stop use overnight, if severe weather occurs, high winds, and IF NOT ADULT SUPERVISED.