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Event Lighting


Uplighting will dramatiacally change any room by casting a
flood of any color(s) you choose onto the walls, columns, curtains, or even
the outside of your home. They illuminate from floor to ceiling up to 20' or
higher. They can be set to any color you can imagine. If having music later
you can make them flash to the beat of the music. Due to different venues
and applications that uplighting can be used, we must price each event



Gobo lighting

Gobo lighting can be used for any event. We can have a gobo custom made for you with your names, initials, business logo or anything you can imagine. Your gobo will be projected onto a wall, floor, tent top, side of building or anywhere you like. They can be stationary or you can have the design rotate in a circular motion. If used with uplighting it can create a magical effect for your wedding or event. We have some gobos availble such as "party time, happy birthday, congratulations" for immediate use. Gobos can be projected in white or different colors. Custom gobos must be ordered and we suggest 3 to 4 weeks advance notice if possible. We can produce some gobos in house depending on what type of design you are looking for. Pricing must be quoted on an individual event basis.

GOBO Lighting

GOBO Lighting

Bubble Machine

ABC Discount Rentals Bubble Machine

Fog Machine

Party rentals in Beaumont Fog Machine

Mirror Ball (No Lights)




Disco Ball

Beaumont Party Rentals Disco Ball